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    Erin Brown is a brand mentor and entrepreneur who’s interested in covering the latest trends in the business sector. She enjoys biking and hiking during her free time.



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The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to take their transactions online. The rapid shift left many companies struggling to put down security measures, which made them easy targets for cybercriminals. Now, cybercrime is at an all-time high, with the amount of large-scale data breaches having increased by 273% since last year. This has pushed business owners to look for cybersecurity specialists that can cater to their digital system's needs. Unfortunately, the pandemic has shown us that there is a massive talent gap. Read on to learn more about the shortage of cyber professionals and what we can expect of cybersecurity in the future.

What Are Businesses and Institutions Doing to Fill the Gap?

Suffice to say, cybersecurity has become a top priority. Despite the growing need for cyber professionals, the pandemic has shown that this particular human resource is in short supply. Given this, businesses and other institutions are taking the task upon themselves.

To protect their data, company leaders incorporate simple cybersecurity measures, such as having a backup policy and upgrading their system software. Others are dialing up by implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning software to prevent phishing scams. Schools, too, are doing their best to train future cybersecurity professionals to find solutions to current and evolving real-world problems, even as many shift to online learning. Case in point: Maryville University, home to some 700 students who major in cybersecurity, places a deep emphasis on hands-on learning via their virtual lab, which was distinguished by Apple for mobile innovation. Both regular and online bachelors in cybersecurity programs are part of the university’s John E. Simon School of Business precisely because of this — so that professionals are well-immersed in private and public sectors and apply their skills and training to case studies from the latest headlines as well as partner organisations. From ethical hacking to digital forensics, you can be sure that schools are arming future cybersecurity professionals with a complete arsenal for data protection.

What Can We Expect From the Cybersecurity Industry in the Future?

With the cyber landscape evolving every day, we can expect many changes in how we protect our data. Here are three things we can expect from the cybersecurity industry going forward:

1. Cyber threats will become a ubiquitous concern

In the age of digital everything, no one is safe from cyber attacks, especially financial institutions. Our growing reliance on digital transactions has led to an increase in cyber attacks in the last decade, so it’s best to invest in cybersecurity measures as soon as possible.

2. The demand for cybersecurity professionals will only increase

Since cyber threats are becoming more of a concern, the demand for cyber professionals will only increase. So long as there are cyber threats, companies and institutions will continue to look for qualified workers to protect their data.

3. There will be more focus on gathering cyber intelligence

Cyber intelligence is critical for any system security upgrade. This is twofold — knowing the most vulnerable aspects of the company’s system and predicting how cybercriminals are going to attack said system. Data protection can only be effective if these are both taken into account.

The talent gap in the cybersecurity industry has made it difficult for businesses and institutions to improve their data protection measures. Companies will have to get by on their own while future cybersecurity prospects are still honing their skills. Meanwhile, they can utilise known technologies to reinforce their digital systems. Hopefully soon, the talent gap narrows and cyber attacks become less of a threat.

Erin Brown is a brand mentor and entrepreneur who’s interested in covering the latest trends in the business sector. She enjoys biking and hiking during her free time.


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